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The Chocolate Emporium is pleased to offer a fun and unique selection of dairy-free confections and selected gifts for Valentine's Day. From a heart pop to a fancy heart box filled with our gourmet chocolates, you can be sure to find the right treat for your Valentine.

E = contains EGG
G = contains GLUTEN
N = contains NUTS
Allergen Control at Chocolate Emporium

The last day to order from this page is Friday, February 7, 2014.
We cannot guarantee that all items will be in stock, but we will do our best to complete your Valentine orders. After Friday, February 7, 2014 please call us at 1-888-choclat to see if we can fill your order.

Baking Supplies
1-2-3 Gluten Free Brownie Mix1-2-3 Gluten Free Brownie Mix - This 1.53 lb. package makes a full 9" x 13" tray of silky smooth brownies with a really, rich chocolatey taste. Gluten -free, wheat-free, Corn-free, Dairy-free, Nut-Free, Peanut-free, Soy-free. Ingredients   
$8.49 ea
1-2-3 Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix1-2-3 Gluten Free Sugar Cookie Mix - Roll out this batter for delightful sugar cookies. Use a cookie cutter and top with our seasonal confetti or colored sprinkles.This 1.35 lb. package is free of gluten, wheat, soy, corn, dairy, eggs, peanuts, and treenuts. Ingredients   
$8.49 ea
123 Gluten Free Chewy Cookie Mix123 Gluten Free Chewy Cookie Mix - Add your own chips, fruits or nuts for your favorite cookie recipe! This 1.5 lb. mix is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, egg, corn, treenuts and peanuts. Package makes about 100 small cookies. Ingredients   
$8.49 ea
Chips - Butterscotch Flavored Ingredients   
$6.00 ea
Chocolate Chips - Soy-Free. 1 lb bag. Ingredients   
$6.75 ea
Chocolate Chips - White. 1 lb bag. Ingredients   
$6.75 ea
Chocolate Chips - gfcf (contain soy lecithin) - 1 lb bag Ingredients   
$6.00 ea
Confetti Shapes, 8 oz.Confetti Shapes, 8 oz. Ingredients   
$4.99 ea
Marshmallows, VeganMarshmallows, Vegan - 10 oz bag Ingredients   
$3.97 ea
Non-Pareils, 8 oz.Non-Pareils, 8 oz. Ingredients   
$3.99 ea
Sanding Sugar, 8 oz.Sanding Sugar, 8 oz. Ingredients   
$3.99 ea
Shimmer PearlsShimmer Pearls - a beautiful accent for your baked goods. 5 oz. Ingredients   
$3.00 ea
Sprinkles (Jimmies), 8 oz.Sprinkles (Jimmies), 8 oz. Ingredients   
$3.99 ea

Chocolate and Confectionery Pops
Chocolate Heart PopChocolate Heart Pop - foil wrapped Ingredients   
$1.75 ea
Chocolate RoseChocolate Rose - foil-wrapped Ingredients   
$2.75 ea
Cookie PopCookie Pop - NEW! Gluten-Free sandwich cookie dipped in chocolate and decorated for Valentine's Day. Contains eggIngredients   
$2.95 ea
CUTIE Heart PopCUTIE Heart Pop Ingredients   
$2.25 ea
Marshmallow PopMarshmallow Pop - Two Vegan Marshmallows on a stick, hand-dipped in chocolate and dressed up for Valentines Day. Ingredients   
$2.75 ea
Prince Charming FrogPrince Charming Frog - mint flavor Contains eggIngredients   
$1.95 ea
Small I LOVE YOU Sign Language PopSmall I LOVE YOU Sign Language Pop Ingredients   
$1.65 ea

Chocolate Novelties
Chocolate Bar with Valentine WrapChocolate Bar with Valentine Wrap Ingredients   
$1.85 ea
Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookie Two PackChocolate Covered Sandwich Cookie Two Pack - hand-painted with an X and an O for sweet hugs & kisses! Contains glutenContains nutsIngredients   
$2.75 ea
Chocolate Filled Petite Gold CupsChocolate Filled Petite Gold Cups - 12 pieces with heart decoration Contains eggIngredients   
$9.95 ea
Foiled HeartsFoiled Hearts - package of ten Ingredients   
$7.50 ea
Foiled Hearts and Lips in Plastic Heart BoxFoiled Hearts and Lips in Plastic Heart Box - filled with 25 of each. SORRY, OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$0.00 ea
Krispy Chocolate BarKrispy Chocolate Bar Contains glutenIngredients   
$2.45 ea
LOVE BarLOVE Bar - Dark Chocolate Base with White Chocolate and Peppermint Chip Letters Ingredients   
$13.95 ea
Peanut Butter CupPeanut Butter Cup - with icing decoration Contains eggContains nutsIngredients   
$2.75 ea
Pretzel Rods with Heart ConfettiPretzel Rods with Heart Confetti - package of two Contains glutenIngredients   
$2.50 ea
Raspberry Fudge filled Chocolate HeartsRaspberry Fudge filled Chocolate Hearts Ingredients   
$2.85 ea
Strawberry LipsStrawberry Lips Ingredients   
$3.65 ea
Sunbutter filled Chocolate HeartsSunbutter filled Chocolate Hearts - A totally nut-free alternative to peanut butter. Ingredients   
$2.85 ea

Confections for Your Sweetheart
Cherry and Grapefruit Fruit SoursCherry and Grapefruit Fruit Sours - 12 oz bag. Ingredients   
$5.00 ea
Cupid CornCupid Corn - 12 oz bag Ingredients   
$6.00 ea
Gummy Blackberry and Raspberry MixGummy Blackberry and Raspberry Mix - 12 oz bag Ingredients   
$6.75 ea
Heart Shaped BagHeart Shaped Bag - filled with chocolate lentils, 3 oz Ingredients   
$2.95 ea
Heart Shaped BagHeart Shaped Bag - filled with Cupid corn. 3 oz. Ingredients   
$2.35 ea
Heart Shaped BagHeart Shaped Bag - filled with Valentine jelly beans. 3 oz. Ingredients   
$2.95 ea
Jelly Belly Natural Jelly BeansJelly Belly Natural Jelly Beans - Delicious jelly beans flavored and colored with fruits & veggies! 12 oz bag. Ingredients   
$8.00 ea
LOVE YA Tote Box LOVE YA Tote Box - filled with of your choice of Valentine Confections, 5.5 - 7 oz. Ingredients   
$6.50 ea
Pastel Chocolate LentilsPastel Chocolate Lentils - 12 oz bag Ingredients   
$8.00 ea
Sour Gummy LipsSour Gummy Lips - cherry, strawberry and watermelon. 12 oz bag Ingredients   
$6.75 ea
Valentine Jewel Mix Jelly BeansValentine Jewel Mix Jelly Beans - 12 oz bag. Ingredients   
$8.00 ea
Valentine Sampler Tray, 4-SectionValentine Sampler Tray, 4-Section - filled with Cupid Corn, Sour Gummy Lips, Chocolate Non-Pareils & Valentine Jelly Beans. 1.5 lbs.    
$14.95 ea
Valentine Sampler Tray, 6-SectionValentine Sampler Tray, 6-Section - filled with Valentine Jelly Beans, Chocolate Lentils, Sour Cherry Balls, Sour Gummy Lips, Chocolate Non-Pariels, and Cupid Corn. 3 lbs. Contains nuts   
$29.95 ea

Fancy Heart Boxes
Large Red Foil with Gold TrimLarge Red Foil with Gold Trim - 2.25 lb SORRY, OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$0.00 ea
Little HeartLittle Heart - 4 oz. filled with 6 Truffles and 3 Foiled Hearts Ingredients   
$9.50 ea
Pink Satin with BowPink Satin with Bow - 1 lb. SORRY, OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$0.00 ea
Puppy Dog Puppy Dog - 6 oz. box, SORRY, OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$0.00 ea
Red Foil with Silver DetailRed Foil with Silver Detail - 1 lb. SORRY OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$36.00 ea
Red Satin with SwirlsRed Satin with Swirls - 1 lb. SORRY, OUT OF STOCK Ingredients   
$0.00 ea
Red Velvet with BowRed Velvet with Bow - 2 lb. Ingredients   
$64.00 ea

Holiday Chocolate Novelties
Heart Pop with Non PareilsHeart Pop with Non Pareils Ingredients   
$1.35 ea
Puppy Love PopPuppy Love Pop - butterscotch flavor Ingredients   
$0.90 ea
Triple Heart PopTriple Heart Pop - white mint with peppermint candy pieces Ingredients   
$0.75 ea

Individually Wrapped Candies
Buzzard Sour JawbreakersBuzzard Sour Jawbreakers - bag of six Ingredients   
$0.94 ea

Square Boxes
Hugs & Kisses Box, 13 oz.Hugs & Kisses Box, 13 oz. - with our gourmet assorted chocolates    
$25.00 ea
Hugs & Kisses Box, 8 ozHugs & Kisses Box, 8 oz - filled with our Gourmet Assorted Chocolaets    
$16.00 ea
Pink & Red Box - 13 oz.Pink & Red Box - 13 oz. - filled with our assorted Gourmet Truffles.    
$28.00 ea
White & GoldWhite & Gold - with our ever-popular Peppermint Bark, 4 Raspberry Fudge Hearts & 4 Chocolate Fudge Creams. 7 oz. Ingredients   
$13.50 ea

Valentine Gifts
Chocolate Popcorn in Polka Dot BagChocolate Popcorn in Polka Dot Bag - 8 oz. Ingredients   
$10.95 ea
Large Valentine BasketLarge Valentine Basket Contains gluten   
$36.95 ea
Peppermint Bark Peppermint Bark - 8 oz. gift box Ingredients   
$11.95 ea
Pretzel Rods with Heart ConfettiPretzel Rods with Heart Confetti - package of eight Contains glutenIngredients   
$9.95 ea
Pretzel RoundPretzel Round - Filled with our hand-dipped chocolate pretzels, cherry and grapefruit sours, gummy lips and foiled hearts. Contains gluten   
$21.95 ea
Small Valentine BasketSmall Valentine Basket Contains gluten   
$24.95 ea
Valentine Mug filled with treats and a balloonValentine Mug filled with treats and a balloon    
$16.00 ea

The last day to order from this page is Friday, February 7, 2014.

Looking for just the right confection for your valentine? - Click over to our Gourmet Dairy-Free Page to see our full selection of barks, truffles, and other gourmet delights

Custom gift baskets, boxes & trays are available to meet most dietary needs.

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